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internal communicationGood internal communication is essential to business leadership.  You may not have the time to sit down with every employee, every week, for a motivational conversation. But you do have time to make sure all internal communication reflects your corporate culture. Think how you want employees to think and make everything you write reflect that.

1. Set the tone

Do you want staffers to work well as a team? Then set the tone with courteous language. Don’t say, “Your plans for the new project were disappointing.” Say, “You’ve produced some great design solutions recently, so I know the plans for the new project aren’t your best work. I know you can do better, so make it happen!”

2. Celebrate new orders

Do you want your employees to be hungry for new clients and customers? Then celebrate new orders in writing and don’t be afraid to look happy. Don’t say, “Sales figures are up 3.5% this year.” Say, “I am delighted to report 3.5% growth this year. That wouldn’t have happened without our dynamic and inspiring sales team. Keep making me proud to be your boss.”

3. Enjoy your product

Do you want staff to be proud of your product or service? Then enjoy it yourself. Talk – and tweet – about how you enjoy your product or service, using specific, descriptive language. Don’t just say, “Had a great time watching our team install a new heating system in Durham.” Say, “Amazing to watch our talented, hard-working employees work round the clock to deliver value for a new client in Durham. Well-done on a system expertly designed and painstakingly installed.”

Every word you write will change how your employees think about you and the company, so make sure you use just the right words. We’d love to help you.


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