How to come up with new blog ideas

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If you use a blog as one of your marketing tools, you might be familiar with the experience of staring at a blank Word document, trying to come up with new blog ideas.

A blog is far more effective if it is regularly updated with new content. When you visit a website and notice that the most recent post was added more than a year ago, it makes you wonder if the rest of the website is out of date. Conversely, adding an article every week makes the site look lively and current.

Four tips for coming up with good blog ideas

So how do you keep on generating ideas for content? Here are a few prompts to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. Check the industry press for the latest news. Is there anything new that is likely to affect your clients or make your services more important? Anything you can write about in an informed way that can demonstrate your expertise and experience in the field?
  2. What are the most common questions you are asked by your current or prospective clients? Can you spin these into a useful piece for the blog?
  3. Could you produce some case studies describing recent projects you have carried out (with your clients’ permission)?
  4. Has anything changed in your business recently? New staff? New building or equipment? Have you attended any trade events and what did you learn?

Remember, whatever you write, your blog needs to serve your business. Make sure that your articles are written in your brand voice, sticking to any style guidelines you have, and that they serve your marketing objectives. Don’t waste your readers’ time with news that doesn’t mean anything to them; instead, show how the new employee you’ve brought in will add a new dimension to your services, or how that legal change is likely to make the services you offer more valuable.

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