What is concision?

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concision Expressing what needs to be said in just the right words.

Expressing yourself simply is called concision. Our own definition is ‘expressing what needs to be said in just the right words.’

Here are three reasons why we should all embrace concision:

  1. If you don’t write clearly, you won’t think clearly.

    Confusing writing often reveals confused thinking. It takes longer to write fewer, better words. But it forces you to understand what you’re writing about.

  2. If you don’t write clearly, you won’t convince people.

    You probably know someone who didn’t get a job that would have suited them perfectly. Frequently the problem is a badly written CV. I’m not just talking about grammar or spelling. People often get those right, but fail to spend time on tone and clarity. Our words are our ambassadors. If they aren’t clear, or if they are pitched at the wrong audience, people will get the wrong impression of us.

  3. If you don’t write clearly, you will lose people.

    Supermarkets with a smaller selection paradoxically find that people choose the product they want more quickly, and are more satisfied with it. There’s a parallel in writing. Most people don’t have time to read through long screeds. A few, punchy phrases can make the point much better – and keep the reader’s interest.

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