Concision is expanding!

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Concision is pleased to welcome two new writers: Iglika Lax and Joseph Costello. Joseph and Iglika will be contributing to existing projects and pursuing new opportunities for the company.

“I am really excited to begin work at Concision,” said Iglika, “a company where creativity and collaboration are valued. My linguistic background and education have helped me appreciate effective communication through concise writing – as well as the importance of editing and revising. I look forward to applying my skills at Concision and learning new ones along the way.”

Joseph was a professional writer and musician for around eight years before he came to Durham for university. “Writing music is about connecting with people. I want to apply and develop those skills in this new context,” he said.

“We are thrilled to have Iglika and Joseph joining us,” said Daniel Roe. “Writers of their calibre are hard to find.”