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concision-bake-offC.S. Lewis said, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” How true! Writers love tea. And what is tea without cake? Lots of tea and lots of cake keep the Concision office going.

That’s why last week the Concision team rolled up their sleeves and moved from the office into the kitchen. Pens and laptops were exchanged for aprons and whisks, as everyone produced a baked good for submission in our very own Concision Staff Bake Off.

concision-bake-off-business-writing-teamThere were apple fritters, curried baked eggs, Bulgarian banitsa, chocolate shortbread, an autumn berry pie and a red velvet cake. There was plenty of tea – of course – and some Prosecco! Several team members used their design skills to incorporate the Concision logo in their bake, with varying degrees of success. In the end, the red velvet cake won, although there were some questions as to the judge’s impartiality.

We had a great time in the kitchen and some pretty decent cakes to show for our hard work. But despite the fact that they were all thoroughly enjoyable, we thought it best not to quit the day job, and returned to the office this Monday morning, with renewed strength, some leftover cakes and of course, a cup of tea.

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Sarah Prins

Sarah Prins


Sarah grew up in the Netherlands. She has spent several years travelling and studying languages, including German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and a MA in Creative Writing. She now oversees Concision EU and in her free time she likes to conduct cooking and baking experiments on her AGA – with varying degrees of success.