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Recently, I had the chance to speak at TEDx DurhamUniversity. It won’t come as a surprise that I was speaking about the power of concision – using just the right words to get your message across.

Writing matters more than ever.

In the UK, we’ve never been more literate – the latest figures show we’re at 99% literacy. And it’s not just the highly educated who write. We’re all writing: blogs, texts, emails – not to mention comments on Facebook. Writing is essential in today’s world. It’s how you stay in touch, how you access new technology, how you collaborate in a global economy.

But the flip side is that bad writing can have far-reaching consequences.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting on the costs of bad writing in today’s business world – and sharing our top tips for connecting with your audience.

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Daniel heads up Concision. He wrote his first book at the age of 13 (admittedly, it was rubbish). He read law at Balliol College, Oxford, and subsequently theology. He enjoys public speaking, and recently gave a TEDx talk on ‘How concision might save your life.’ In his spare time he enjoys good coffee, cycling and kayaking.