Certain excellence in an uncertain world

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brexit flag2016 was a year of the unexpected, from election results that the polls failed to predict to Leicester City’s dramatic climb from nowhere to soccer stardom. Surprises are now unsurprising. That’s a challenge for business communication. Even if you were an ardent Brexiteer or a life-long Leicester lover, too many surprises make people uneasy. And uneasy people rarely make good customers.

The brands that thrive in 2017 will be those who stand for certain excellence in an uncertain world. The problem is that dependable can mean dull – and unchanging too often means boring.

So how can we be both reliable and dynamic? Writing well can be a great way to show consistent quality, without tedious sameness. Whatever happens, you can always write well about it. Every surprise will have implications for your market. Know what they are and tell your customers. If a customer is worried about their life under Trump, tell them about your product in the age of Trump. If a client fears their working life will change because of the Internet of Things, explain how your service works in the Internet of Things.

Clients and customers don’t want to know that your business never changes; change is unavoidable. They want to know how you deal with change to help them deal with change. As a Latin proverb says: “times change and we change in them.” It sounds a lot catchier in Latin, but the world’s changed too much for that.

How do we strive for excellence as the world changes? At Concision, we are¬†about saying just what needs to be said, in just the right words. But we know that the right words today might not be the right words tomorrow. So talk to us today. No-one can predict tomorrow, but we’ll help you find the right words for whatever happens.

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Michael grew up in London and studied Classics and later Theology at Oxford University. He has been Head of Classics at Ashford School, Kent, and has several published books. He enjoys reading and walking and thinks life is always better with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.