Be yourself

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be yourself Be who you are. Just be yourself. It’s common advice in our culture. After all, we love authenticity. We don’t do what someone else wants, just because they want it. And that can be a good way to write too. Be yourself, and your readers will respond. Some of us are logical and methodical. We like to know how everything … Read More

The sweeping seventeens: how writing changes the world

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writing changes the world 2017 is a year of anniversaries. We celebrate five hundred years since the start of the Protestant Reformation and one hundred since the Russian Revolution. These anniversaries remind us of the power of words. Forget the swinging sixties; let’s talk about the sweeping seventeens. Two of the big “-isms” of our time, Protestantism and Communism, got going in years that end … Read More

Our seven-point blog checklist ​

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blog checklist Before you publish your latest post, is there anything more you can do to maximise its impact? Work through our checklist to make sure every article pulls its weight. 1. Is it readable? Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Does your title get to the heart of what the post is about? Can you break up any long … Read More

Speak how you write, right?

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microphone-words What’s the difference between good writing and good speaking? Or between a great wedding speech and a love letter? What turns well-chosen words in a team meeting into a motivating e-mail to all your staff? Many business leaders know they need to communicate well on the page as well as on the podium, but what are the differences? Similarities Actually, they’re more … Read More

Five business blog models

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business blog models Not all business blogs are the same. The most successful ones are consciously built around the individual goals and priorities of the businesses they are promoting. Every business blog probably has the same purpose – to drive business growth. But that doesn’t mean every business blog should look identical. Before investing time and money in a business blog, give some … Read More

The two most important readers of your blog ​

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categories of blog readers and SEO We keep a close eye on how many people visit our clients’ websites, so we can make sure their online marketing strategy is on track. However, it might surprise you that when it comes to business blogs, there are really just two readers we care about… Well, two categories of reader: search engines and humans. Everything we write has this … Read More

Five business blog hazards

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5 business blog hazards Blogging is deceptively simple. You crank out an article, throw in a few keywords, pop it into your content management system and click ‘publish.’ Surely that’s all there is to it? In actual fact, as with every other area of running a business, your blog needs more thought and care to make sure it is serving your overall marketing strategy. … Read More

Three ways to lead by writing

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internal communication Good internal communication is essential to business leadership.  You may not have the time to sit down with every employee, every week, for a motivational conversation. But you do have time to make sure all internal communication reflects your corporate culture. Think how you want employees to think and make everything you write reflect that. 1. Set the tone Do you … Read More

How to come up with new blog ideas

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wordpress blog post If you use a blog as one of your marketing tools, you might be familiar with the experience of staring at a blank Word document, trying to come up with new blog ideas. A blog is far more effective if it is regularly updated with new content. When you visit a website and notice that the most recent post was … Read More

Certain excellence in an uncertain world

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brexit flag 2016 was a year of the unexpected, from election results that the polls failed to predict to Leicester City’s dramatic climb from nowhere to soccer stardom. Surprises are now unsurprising. That’s a challenge for business communication. Even if you were an ardent Brexiteer or a life-long Leicester lover, too many surprises make people uneasy. And uneasy people rarely make good … Read More