Five business blog hazards

Jen HerbertWebsites, Writing

5 business blog hazards Blogging is deceptively simple. You crank out an article, throw in a few keywords, pop it into your content management system and click ‘publish.’ Surely that’s all there is to it? In actual fact, as with every other area of running a business, your blog needs more thought and care to make sure it is serving your overall marketing strategy. … Read More

How to come up with new blog ideas

Jen HerbertWebsites, Writing

wordpress blog post If you use a blog as one of your marketing tools, you might be familiar with the experience of staring at a blank Word document, trying to come up with new blog ideas. A blog is far more effective if it is regularly updated with new content. When you visit a website and notice that the most recent post was … Read More

Why bother with a business blog?

Jen HerbertWebsites, Writing

writing a blog There are several ways a blog can help your business. It can be a key plank in your social media strategy, and well-optimised posts can draw valuable search engine traffic to your site. But a blog also gives your business that all-important personal touch. It comes as no surprise that a prospective client will probably scan your website first, before picking … Read More

About us? What about us?

Michael DormandyWebsites

Many business websites have an About us page, but what should it say? Your About us page is not there to say what your business makes or does. It’s not there to give the first-line, basic contact details. These should all be visible at a glance on your homepage. I’ve visited several business websites where this basic information was buried … Read More