Case study: Martel Instruments

Amy SoullierCase study

Unlocking the possibilities with Martel

Our brief

Martel Instruments are an established North East specialist printer company who recently launched VIDA – an innovative digital upgrade for electronic devices. As part of VIDA’s launch, Concision redefined their message and communicated it to target markets.

Joanne Hockaday, Commercial Manager at Martel, said, ‘It’s always been difficult finding someone who could understand what we do and communicate it clearly. Thankfully the Innovation SuperNetwork connected us to the expertise we needed. Concision understood straight away what VIDA was about, and how to communicate its benefits successfully.’

Our approach

When redefining a company’s message, we look at the big picture. We spent time with Martel’s staff – in their offices and their factory – to make sure we understood Martel’s heartbeat.

Martel particularly wanted us to create a clear, compelling message for their new product, VIDA.  We reviewed Martel’s existing material, and conducted sector analysis.  After brainstorming sessions, we presented a few key options to Martel. They chose:

VIDA’s new message: ‘What could you do if your devices were intelligent? VIDA connects your devices to a world of possibilities.’

In the process, we reevaluated Martel’s overall message. It was clear that they weren’t just a printer company. Rather, their product offering enabled their clients (whether OEMs or end-users) to do more with their devices.

Martel Instruments: ‘We help you unlock the possibilities of your devices.’

Immediate success

Martel road-tested the new message at two key exhibitions: Biomed in the US and Analytica in Germany. This allowed them to gauge customer response. So our design team produced marketing material (A4 brochures and a series of banners) to a tight deadline. The aim was to drive enquiries about VIDA, and ultimately new leads.

Just one day in, the results were evident. Across both exhibitions, Martel saw a significant increase in enquiries and new leads. “It was our most successful ever exhibition.”

A future partnership

The success of the new message so far has led Martel to commission us on further projects, including creating new website content and sector-specific content for VIDA.

Joanne Hockaday, Commercial Manager at Martel: ‘We look forward to a longer-term marketing contract. We appreciate that Concision tailor their service to our needs, providing strategy to guide our content and marketing, while leaving us in complete control of our website and content.’

Paul Koshy, Innovation SuperNetwork: ‘Concision have a particular skill for expressing complicated ideas in clear, simple language. This is what innovative businesses need to do to be successful. That’s why we were so keen to bring in Concision as a partner within the Innovation SuperNetwork – and that’s why we connected Martel to Concision.’