Do you have a blog strategy?

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A blog can be a hugely versatile and effective marketing tool for any business.

Whether you’re looking to reach a new market, present yourself as an authority within your industry or launch a product, your business blog can be used in a strategic, targeted way to meet those goals. However, a token blog sitting on a business website without any clear goals or strategy is unlikely to deliver a meaningful return.

Content for content’s sake

There is a danger that businesses can fall into the habit of generating content for its own sake. If you’re familiar with the experience of getting to Friday lunchtime and realising you’d better churn out 200 words to keep the blog ticking over, it might be time to review your content strategy.

Of course, it’s true that regular posting is important. However, your blog will be both more effective and easier to maintain if you can determine a clear direction for it and devise a long-term plan to keep it on track.

Finding focus

Incorporating your blog into the bigger picture of your business will help to keep it focused. Here are some questions to get you started with your blog strategy:

  1. How can you use your blog to help articulate the values your business represents?
  2. Can you see what role it could play in achieving sales?
  3. How could you use your blog to help you penetrate new markets?

Once you’ve found a clear strategic role for your blog, you can start planning a content schedule that will deliver a return on your efforts and make sure each post is worth the time you invest in writing it.

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Jen Herbert

Jen Herbert

Since arriving in the North East as a student more than a decade ago, Jen has acquired a BA and an MA in English Literature from Durham University, a professional qualification in magazine journalism, and several years' experience in business publishing as a writer, researcher and editor. In her spare time she likes to get outside as much as possible with her husband and their two small (but highly energetic) boys.