The benefits of collaborative writing

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Businesses are increasingly turning to collaboration to maintain high working standards. One of these practices is collaborative writing – where two or more people contribute to the writing process.

Collaborative writing is nothing new. Just think of all the stakeholders involved in book publishing – the author, agents, editor, publisher and so on. But more recently, collaborative practices likeĀ pair writing have been encouraged in business because of the success of collaboration in other fields like programming, where it produces better quality software.

Here are three reasons why your business should adopt collaborative writing:

1. Innovation

Planning a piece of writing collaboratively helps generate more innovative ideas. It also forces writers to think more clearly about the concept. After all, you can’t get away with confused logic when you have to explain it to someone else. We find that a team generates more ideas and comes up with clearer concepts when they work collaboratively.

2. Continuous improvement

When a team collaborates, their writing improves. Immediate feedback allows for immediate improvement. Bad writing can’t survive long. Of course, it can be a bit intense – and we find the need to fuel our collaborative writing sessions with plenty of tea & coffee – but the reward of continued, long-term improvement is worth it.

3. Quality assurance

It is often difficult for solitary writers to spot mistakes, which makes collaboration particularly important during editing and proof-reading. It’s probably the single easiest way of avoiding the kind of hilariously bad writing that makes newspaper headlines. As the old proverb states: two (or more) heads are better than one!

We’d highly commend collaborative writing – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re thinking about adopting a collaborative process for your business. We’d be happy to pass on any tips from our experience that you might find helpful.

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