Writing that gets technical

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Confusing technical writing You get home from work at 7pm. Summer is ending and for days now you’ve been promising your spouse you’ll turn on the heating system. So you reach for the instruction manual. You read it. You reread the relevant bits and then the irrelevant bits. You scratch your head and read the whole thing again. You try hard to understand it. … Read More

Concision could save your life

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Poor communication Poor communication has many negative consequences, but in the medical world, the stakes are particularly high. One example is inadvertent patient harm – harm that comes to a patient while under medical care. A study published in Quality & Safety in Health Care found that poor communication was the cause of 70% of inadvertent patient harm. And these were not all minor injuries – … Read More

Three tips for finding your voice

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Finding your voice Good writing isn’t just about what you do, it’s about who you are. Whether you’re writing website content or a Hollywood script, an HR policy or a doctoral dissertation, it’s not just about producing prose; it’s about being a writer. And that means finding your own voice. What do I mean by that? I mean finding a style that’s comfortably … Read More

Writing in someone else's language

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English dictionary for non-native speaker For non-native speakers, writing in English can pose real problems. For example, here is some truly awful business writing: Very important to our high-output, low-environmental impact, globally-focused and internationally-recognised company are profit-maximisation systems, quality-assurance-heightening injection mechanisms, with full-inclusion feedback loops functioning properly in every department, across five continents, using dual-responsibility communications procedures and protocols with simultaneous change-management being affected in … Read More

The consequences of bad writing

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Ambiguous writing
So far we’ve looked at three different kinds of bad writing. But what are the consequences of writing badly? The cost to companies Bad writing is a far bigger problem for companies than they often realise. For start-ups it can be the difference between success and failure, and for large companies it can mean significant losses. (One study of 400 large … Read More

Writing training at CDC Enterprise Club

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concision writing training On Friday, a team of three writers from Concision provided training on writing website content at CDC Enterprise Agency‘s monthly Enterprise Club in Chester-le-Street. Good writing can mean the difference between success and failure, particularly for small businesses and start-ups – so we were glad to be invited to speak. At the beginning, Concision’s CEO, Daniel Roe, asked the audience … Read More

Three ways to lose money with your writing

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bad-writing Bad writing is everywhere. It’s in newspaper articles, business reports, websites and emails. Here’s what to avoid. 1. Confusing writing We believe that writing should use just the right words to get your message across. (That’s concision.) But confusing writing doesn’t get your message across – and that’s why you need to avoid it. We’ve all chuckled over sentences like this … Read More

Being heard in a competitive market

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Being heard in a competitive market What does it take to get an interview? The letter below, written in 1934, is one of our favourites. We love the rhythm – and the confident, refreshing style. And it’s clear that the writer is passionate about words. The writer landed the job, of course, and later became an Academy award-winning screenwriter. You need to stand out from the … Read More

Concision is expanding!

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Concision business writers Concision is pleased to welcome two new writers: Iglika Lax and Joseph Costello. Joseph and Iglika will be contributing to existing projects and pursuing new opportunities for the company. “I am really excited to begin work at Concision,” said Iglika, “a company where creativity and collaboration are valued. My linguistic background and education have helped me appreciate effective communication through … Read More

Concision at TEDx

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Recently, I had the chance to speak at TEDx DurhamUniversity. It won’t come as a surprise that I was speaking about the power of concision – using just the right words to get your message across. Daniel Roe notes the importance of knowing how to write and communicate with clarity – #TEDxDU #ElephantInTheRoom pic.twitter.com/xREzRCNFPg — TEDxDurhamUniversity (@TEDxDurhamUni) June 4, 2016 Writing matters … Read More