Certain excellence in an uncertain world

Michael DormandyWriting

brexit flag 2016 was a year of the unexpected, from election results that the polls failed to predict to Leicester City’s dramatic climb from nowhere to soccer stardom. Surprises are now unsurprising. That’s a challenge for business communication. Even if you were an ardent Brexiteer or a life-long Leicester lover, too many surprises make people uneasy. And uneasy people rarely make good … Read More

Why bother with a business blog?

Jen HerbertWebsites, Writing

writing a blog There are several ways a blog can help your business. It can be a key plank in your social media strategy, and well-optimised posts can draw valuable search engine traffic to your site. But a blog also gives your business that all-important personal touch. It comes as no surprise that a prospective client will probably scan your website first, before picking … Read More

Writing in a post-truth world

Michael DormandyWriting

post-truth pop art trump The Oxford English Dictionary recently made the news with its 2016 international word of the year – post-truth. Oxford University has given me three degrees and some of my best friends, but no one likes this new word they’ve added to our language. So what is post-truth? The Oxford wordologists define it like this: relating to or denoting circumstances in … Read More

Action or passion?

Michael DormandyWriting

Are you always moving, planning and advancing your agenda – or do you lie back and let other things guide you? Are you active or passive? We need to know when to be active and when to be passive. And not just in life, but also in writing. Forgive the grammar lesson, but an active sentence is when the subject … Read More

About us? What about us?

Michael DormandyWebsites

Many business websites have an About us page, but what should it say? Your About us page is not there to say what your business makes or does. It’s not there to give the first-line, basic contact details. These should all be visible at a glance on your homepage. I’ve visited several business websites where this basic information was buried … Read More

Would you turn down £2,800?

Brian RoeNews

If your business had an additional £2,800, could you afford that web design or marketing project you need? We are an NEBSF registered provider, and can help you access funding through NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund. NBSL is a regional enterprise agency that has helped over 1,700 people start businesses. And with NBSL’s funding and support, over 1,000 new jobs … Read More

Can I influence my website's SEO?

Peter HoltSEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) Over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. Chances are, when you open a browser, you will be searching for something. That gives businesses a fantastic opportunity to be discovered and to generate sales, but on average only 5% of users explore beyond the 5th result – and 30% will click on the top ranked website. Ranking matters. That’s where search engine … Read More

Concision Bake-Off

Sarah PrinsNews

concision-bake-off C.S. Lewis said, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” How true! Writers love tea. And what is tea without cake? Lots of tea and lots of cake keep the Concision office going. That’s why last week the Concision team rolled up their sleeves and moved from the office … Read More

Three tips for choosing good graphics

Iglika LaxGraphic design

Three tips for choosing good graphic design At Concision we help our clients get their message across. Sometimes that requires more than words. That’s when our design team springs into action to create content-led graphics. It’s a process that can be just as challenging as choosing just the right words. Here are our top tips for choosing good graphic elements: 1. Refine your message Graphics communicate a … Read More

Concision accredited as a marketing, media and public relations firm

Concision teamNews

NEPRO supplier for marketing, media and public relations services We like things that are clear and straightforward. That’s why we are happy to announce that we have been named as an accredited NEPRO supplier for marketing, media and public relations services. Now any member or associate member of the North East Procurement Organisation can easily request a quotation or engage us through NEPRO. NEPRO is an EU-compliant procurement organisation … Read More