Concision is a writing and message company. We provide consultancy, content and design to help organisations communicate effectively so they achieve their business goals.

We are based in Durham, in the north east of England, though we work with clients around the world. We were established in May 2015 and now consist of a staff team of nine, as well as a network of trusted professionals.

Our philosophy

Clarity of thought

We are a ‘message’ company. That means we don’t just create copy. We help you condense your brand, service offering, or unique value proposition into its clearest, most understandable form.

Often organisations struggle to communicate with their customers because their brand or selling points are not defined clearly enough. We can help. Clarifying your message at the outset will save you time and expense later on.

Simplicity of expression

Concision means expressing what needs to be said in just the right words.

We believe using fewer, clearer words is the most effective way to get your message across.


Above all, communication is about honesty. The job of your written content is to convey your strengths and expertise to your customers accurately.

You will build trust, find the clients who are looking for what you offer and lay a foundation for long-term success.