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Many business websites have an About us page, but what should it say?

Your About us page is not there to say what your business makes or does. It’s not there to give the first-line, basic contact details. These should all be visible at a glance on your homepage. I’ve visited several business websites where this basic information was buried in About us. They won’t sell many products.

Rather, your About us page is a great place to provide the more detailed, thorough sales pitch for the customer (or journalist, perhaps) who has more than a few seconds to spend thinking about your company and might be comparing you with a competitor.

What does that mean specifically?

  1. Think carefully about your company history. This is a popular choice but use it sparingly. Is anyone really going to choose you over a competitor, just because you were founded by Mr Archibald Watkinson-Smyth in the year 1911? Only include your history if it’s a major selling point.
  2. Write brilliantly about company philosophy. This is also a popular choice, but you won’t make many sales based on generic company values. It’s great that you believe in teamwork, innovation and good customer service, but your competitors probably do too. What sets you apart? Plus, writing about your philosophy lets you show off your communication and writing skills.
  3. Explain clearly the company organisation. You want the main office@ and sales@ addresses on your home page, but you also want an explanation of who’s responsible for what in the company (CEO, CFO, etc.) and their contact e-mail addresses. Brief bios are useful here too. The discerning customer might easily hire your accountancy firm over another because of your partners’ CVs.

Would you like some help with that? Well, let me tell you about us.

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